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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Cayman Island motorcycle tours.

    • Can we rent the motorcycles without going on the tour?
      Unfortunately, due to limitations on insurance, the motorcycle riders must ride with the tour.



    • What type of motorcycles do you offer for the tours?
      We have at present 4 customized Harley Davidson softail models and we have 1 customized 1200 Sportster. With a new custom softail coming soon!


    • What happens if the weather doesn’t allow us to take the tour?
      We try to encourage everyone to plan on booking early on your vacation For this reason.. We can reschedule!! If you book in for the last day then we wouldn’t be able to take you but you would not be charged.


    • We are coming in on a Cruise ship. Would we be able to take the tour? Get back to the ship on time? And what happens if the ship doesn’t make it into port?
      The best thing about our tours is we are flexible! So making the tour is not a problem as long as we have an advanced reservation, your last tender time then depending on the time of the year (we are always on Island time and not affected by Daylight savings). You should be able to find out if your ship is landing on ship time/EST or if they are working on island time. We can setup the tour time to work within your time limits so that you get to ride and enjoy Grand Cayman without worrying about missing the ship. However some folks wouldn’t mind staying after seeing the island on the ride! Last, but not least, if weather conditions keep your ship from arriving we would give a full refund. It’d the same with the weather. If it’s pouring rain we will not be going so you would not be paying.


    • Do all the motorcycles offer backrests?
      All the motorcycles have a passenger seat however at present we only have two that have backrests. So, if you require a backrest for your passenger we suggest reserving early.


    • Do the motorcycles have foot board and bags?
      We have one motorcycle that has foot boards for those who are used to riding with boards. We do not have bags on the motorcycles, however, we do have a satchel type bag that you are more than welcome to throw over the shoulder to carry anything.


    • Will we need to book a tour in advance or just be able to call on the day we want to go?
      Definitely you need an advanced reservation. We are also a full-fledged shop. So, as much as we would like to just drop the wrenches and go for a ride with you, we do have to schedule both the shop and the tours.


    • Do you offer anything bigger than a softail?
      As our island is not that big we do not have the big road bikes. The softails allow a bigger bike feel without being too big for the roads we ride.


    • Is there shopping available on the stops during the tour?
      The tour is more geared towards riding around the island. However, if you are a shopper, there are a couple of gift shops at the Hell stop and at Rum Point.
      And let’s not forget the Cayman Custom Cycles shirts back at the shop!


    • How many miles can we expect to ride?
      Depends on the tour you chose. The Island Tour we ride approx. 80 miles; The Afternoon Getaway will be around 60 miles.


    • How many people are out on the tour with us?
      We have a total of five motorcycles for the tours at present with one more on the way! However, it depends on the day. We will go out with as little as one rider! We love to ride!


    • Where can I get more information on the tours?
      Feel free to ask away in emails or on the phone! But if you want to get the opinion of the folks who have been out with us? Trip Advisor is the best option.
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